Black pitted olives

Put in a container with:

 garlic salt
 2 tablespoons  olive oil

 stirred together until the salt is dissolved.

Fill rest of container with juice from olives to cover the olives.

Let stand overnight out of refrigerator. 

Drain and serve.



2 bunches radishes
 tsp. salt
 cup wine vinegar
 cup olive oil
 cup cold water
 tsp. salt
 teaspoon seasoned pepper

1.       Wash and trim radishes.  Bring to a boil with  teaspoon  salt in enough water to cover.  Boil until radishes begin to lose color (about 2 minutes), drain and cool.  Make a marinade with the remaining ingredients.

2.       Let stand at least overnight.  Radishes keep well and increase in flavor if stored in a jar in the refrigerator.

3.       Turn jar upside down occasionally to blend flavor

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