(Savory cheese appetizer, a  kissin’ cousin of gougères and cheese puffs.)

Boil ½ cup water with 3 ½ tablespoons butter.

When butter has melted, add ½ cup flour all at once.
Cook, stirring a few minutes, remove from the heat, and beat in 2 eggs, one at a time.
Fold in ½ cup each freshly grated Gruyere and Parmesan-Reggiano cheeses, and add salt and cayenne pepper.  Drop into buttered and flowered molds for tiny Madeleines.
Bake about 15 minutes at 375° F.

Yield: About 3 dozen tiny Madeleines.

[Inspired by Jean-Louis Dumont, chef de cuisine (Hotel Carlyle, NYC) and served occasionally at Bemelman’s Bar (Hotel Carlyle, NYC).]

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