Egg Nog la Pirkey                   

If  Frosty is weaving, make a half batch.

For double batch:                                                           For single batch:

12 eggs                                                                               6 eggs
1 cup sugar                                                                      cup sugar
1 quart whiskey                                                                  1 pint whiskey (4 Roses)**
1 quart heavy cream                                                           1 pint heavy cream
4 jiggers* brandy                                                                2 jiggers* brandy
2 jiggers* rum                                                                     1 jigger* rum
1 quart milk                                                                        1 pint milk
Nutmeg, freshly ground

Separate whites from half of the eggs. In a separate dish beat whites until stiff.
Beat all yolks and whites of remaining eggs in separate dish with 2/3 of the sugar specified.
Add whiskey and cream. Mix well.
Add brandy, rum, milk and remaining sugar.
Beat well.
Fold in beaten egg whites.
Add freshly grated nutmeg as an optional garnish when serving.

*1 jigger =1 1/2 ounces =3 tablespoons
2 jiggers =3 ounces = 1/3 cup =6 tablespoons

**Note about choosing whiskey for eggnog.  
If you are familiar with whiskey tastes, you will know that brands do differ.  You might have a preference that leads you to use a particular whiskey in your eggnog.  Great.  
The above recipe came to us from Nancy via her friends, the Pirkeys.   While we do not drink Four Roses on the rocks, it works well in this eggnog recipe. Unfortunately, production of Four Roses Whiskey has been discontinued.  (Four Roses Whiskey is not the same as Four Roses Bourbon, a new product produced in Belgium for the European market, not available in the States.)  Anyway, lots of folks do use Bourbon rather than whiskey.  A high quality bourbon, such as Jim Beam Black Label might work; do not opt for one of the sweeter bourbons touted recently as top shelf.  It's cloying in an eggnog.

This recipe has been kitchen tested, not to mention tested by guests, friends, family over the years. 

Want to see an early ad with the original recipe, double click here on advertising Four Roses.

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