Clotted Cream    and    Mock (Devonshire) Clotted Cream

This recipe for clotted cream and mock clotted cream appear in Sally Swofford's (the Seattle Scone Girl) commentary about accompaniments for scones.  

Sally's recipe for clotted cream:

Gently heat unpasteurized milk until a layer of cream forms on the surface. After cooling down, surface cream is removed and used as a spread for scones-hence the naming of the traditional "cream tea."   If you can  find Devonshire Cream at your favorite gourmet market, usually in the deli department, you are in luck  If not, the following is a simple substitute, which I call "Mock Clotted Cream.

Mock (Devonshire) Clotted Cream

1/2 cup heavy (sweet) cream
1/4 cup sour cream.
Whip the sweet cream until stiff.  Rapidly add the sour cream to the whipped cream, beating it in thoroughly but quickly.  Place cream mixture in a serving bowl and chill until ready to serve.  Use as a butter substitute on scones with jam or lemon curd.


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